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Today's construction market is dramatically different  than that of the last ten years. The demand for quality remains the same, but budgets are tighter. The focus is on value and on make existing resources and structures last longer or work better.

To be honest, the focus of this market suits me better than the previous concern for biggest, latest, and newest. I have always enjoyed those projects most that sought to build and improve upon existing structures. As I update my website I will add more of those projects that reflect this focus on renovation and renewal.

Overall, the focus is still the design and construction of functional, durable, and beautiful additions to and remodels of Seattle's existing homes.  I tend to work on projects of a scale ($10-100,000) that allow me to directly control the quality of all phases of construction.

A key to my success in delivering value has been the ability to develop working relationships with my customers, whether they wish to manage the
project directly or want a more hands off approach. This flexibility allows us to focus on the main goal-achieving the greatest value at the lowest cost-and grow the relationships that have been the foundation of a successful business.

Lars Christian
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